Existence is truly a journey. And while we tend to think along such lines specifically when it comes to living things, it nevertheless applies to every last object in the universe. Handbags, of course, are no exception. For a classic Louis Vuitton handbag, existence can be quite a ride.

It begins in the company of countless other handbags, all chattering excitedly and enjoying one another’s companionship in the factory, innocent and oblivious to their reality, and not knowing where life will take them.

Then, one day, after a long slumber upon an upscale department store’s shelf, the young Louis Vuitton handbag is at last lifted up and hoisted away to begin a new life.

But, as a result of its lofty retail price tag, only the exceptionally wealthy can afford it. “This will be a good thing,” the young and naive handbag thinks. “I will be nestled amongst a plethora of luxury and splendor where the owner knows and understands my value, and they will appreciate me so much!”

However, life rarely develops the way we intend it to, and often, it is full of surprises and letdowns. And many brand new handbags are in for a rude awakening when they suddenly get tossed into a closet full of countless rivals, from their fellow Louis Vuittons to Coach, Chanel, Gucci, and all the other opulent and overpriced handbags of the world.

And years can pass without so much as a glance from Mrs.Richie So And So and her monumental, exorbitant collection of ignored handbags.

Enter the hero, Luxcess.Co. At Luxcess, we lose sleep over the neglect that these poor Louis Vuitton handbags suffer. Many of us can only dream of purchasing such high-end items, and we would have so much more love, respect, and appreciation for these fine accessories.

So, we carefully plan coordinated rescue missions to salvage pre owned handbags, take them from their forgotten dusty perches, and make them available to you; folks who have to work hard to procure such opulence, and who will actually appreciate these severely neglected bags, bringing them out, at last, into the light of day for all to admire.

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