If you take a closer look at the timeless Celine Phantom handbags collection, you might notice what can best be termed as the Mona Lisa effect. Like some kind of creepy emoji, the handbags unquestionably have a face. Where the handle meets the bag, a set of eyes can be clearly observed. And just beneath that, where the mouth would logically be, a conveniently placed zipper completes the look, forming an almost comical effect if you focus upon it. 

Furthermore, when one tries to read the Celine handbag’s facial expression, it seems to shift from mockery to stoicism to borderline lunacy, to, of course, a “my lips are completely sealed” expression. Thus, this elegant and mysterious leather face that doubles as a handbag truly lives up to the title of Phantom.

Is this a mere coincidence or a brilliant little scheme? One can ask the same of Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, which on a daily basis, has perhaps thousands of eyes studying its phantom expression, for lack of a better term. 

Both the handbags and the painting are masterpieces designed to endure and be admired for years to come, but were they created with another, more sinister purpose as well? Probably not, but the handbags are fascinating to look at regardless. And once seen, these handbags’ hilarious faces can’t be unseen.

And thanks to Luxcess and a little previous love, the expressions upon our Celine pre-loved handbags are more gentle, friendly, and kind, because a little love has given our handbags plenty to smile about. And we in turn would like to do the same for you or yours.  

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