As is the case with many other exorbitantly priced handbag brands, one is just baffled when studying Prada handbags in all their basic simplicity. We look at the price tags then back at the handbags then at the prices again, and we wonder; what exactly is it that we’re paying for?

Well, at Luxcess we understand, appreciate, and have even mastered the art of high fashion, yet, high prices are something we don’t get, and refuse to even acknowledge. 

There’s no denying that society has us utterly convinced of some hidden intrinsic value in Prada and other comparable handbags. However, for those of us with a conscience, a budget, and an appreciation for our hard work, it is no simple task to just toss away vast sums of money for handbags that are not only terribly overrated and bland but will also likely have to remain empty for the remainder of our lives. 

So, Luxcess has a far more appealing and sensible option. At grossly reduced prices, ones that bring the lofty handbag brand down from the wonderment of the heavens to the simplicity of us here on Earth, we offer the very same handbags with just the slightest, almost imperceptible signs of usage.

Some refer to them as “lightly used” or “pre-used” handbags, however, we embraced the term “preloved” handbag because when did a little love ever hurt anyone or anything? So, very light usage that is exquisitely and honestly portrayed in photos and descriptions not only allows the haughty price tag to be humbled a little bit, it allows the handbags themselves to build a little character, become unique, and rise above their snobby, conforming upbringing.

Be better and smarter. Be distinctive, beautiful, and unique, but still humble. Be a Luxcess handbag not a “taking advantage of your hard-earned success handbag.” 

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